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Dolby Voice Room (DVR)

The Dolby Voice Room combines high-end features in a video conferencing solution that is easy for participants to use and for IT to manage. It intelligently adjusts to lighting, motion, acoustics and voices in different kinds of rooms to give everyone, including remote participants, an amazingly natural and productive meeting experience.

Dolby Voice Huddle (DVH)

This compact solution features Dolby intelligent acoustic technology which calibrates based on the TV and room space to deliver optimum audio quality without the need for additional speakers and sound bars. Dolby Voice Huddle joins the previously released Dolby Voice Room and Dolby Voice Room Pro solutions to complete the Rooms with Dolby Voice video conferencing product portfolio.

Dolby Conference Phone (DCP)

Dolby® Conference Phone delivers impressive flexibility and a streamlined design for great sound in different-sized rooms, from huddle rooms to boardrooms. Paired with a Dolby Voice enabled service, its innovative technology delivers stunning audio that improves comprehension and encourages more natural conversation.

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